Wherever you are, you certainly need music to support the atmosphere. However, you certainly need good quality music. Then the portable cd player can certainly help you to listen to music wherever you are. however, you also have to find and find the best portable cd player to be able to use a CD player with good quality.

To buy it, you need to pay close attention. There are a few tips for choosing a cd player that you must consider according to the features of the cd player. You can listen to some tips for choosing the right cd player. Some of the tips in question are

1. Type of CD Player
Like other technology products, there are also various types of cd players that you need to consider. Generally, cd players are available in single disc models and multi-disc players. Some other models can also be a unification of the player with an LCD screen, with a mini form so that it’s easy to carry everywhere. There is also a cd player type that can be connected to a home theater, CD-TV or also a Games CD that is similar to PlayStation and Xbox. All of these types can adjust to the needs you want.

2. Types of Video Features
The CD Player has a variety of features, namely video features. For image quality to be high, you need to pay attention to the video processing flow. You also need to pay close attention to the ability of any special effects that the CD player has. Examples can be enlargement or zoom, progressive scan, and the output video structure.

3. Type of Video Processing
In order for a CD player to produce good quality image reproduction, this product typically uses a 10-bit digital to analog (DAC) video converter to resemble good light gradations and color accuracy from film sources. But it can also use video processing chips that operate at 27 MHz to produce images that are much different when viewed in terms of quality and characteristics. You need to consider this.

4. Special Effects Owned
The effects of CD players are usually in the form of pause, scan, slow motion, frame by frame, rewind, fast forward and so on. If there is a CD player product that provides other features, you need to consider it.

5. Audio facilities
If you use theater surround sound facilities or in the future, you might use them, you need to make sure that the type of CD player you choose has a digital to analog converter feature, which is in the form of surround sound and audio output.