Everyone certainly has their favorite type of music, even they certainly have songs they like from time to time. For this reason, many people always want to listen to music wherever they are. Now, maybe it’s rare for people to listen to music from a CD. However, having the best portable cd player is certainly the thing you have to do. So that whenever you want to listen to music from a CD, you can listen to it at any time.



Listening to music even before going to bed will also have a positive impact on you, among them is

1. Eliminate insomnia problems
If you have trouble sleeping, it’s good to try listening to songs to help you fall asleep. Some researchers also suggested creating playlists of songs that you like and listening to them to be your sleep guide.

2. Make sleep better
Music tempo is said to affect your heart rate. Well, so if you put on a song at bedtime, choose songs that have a slow tempo, like songs that have slow BPM.